Numb Nothingness! 

The auto kept moving in the tempo of its monotonous noise and I was lost in the haze of running trees and houses. The mind had a shallow nothingness drowning into a deeper one like a leaf tide on a sinking stone. It was strange how the mind was totally empty even though it had... Continue Reading →



I might survive this pang, I might survive the next pang, might survive  yet another fit... But how many times do I survive, till I survive?

The wind flinched ….

He was an image of the wind; sweat drops on my skin, he cooled me in a swing; a secret admirer, was he akin; danced on my lids, in blinks; He flinched, one day, away caressing  till the last of my  hair;  so long, he is gone, still, like wind I feel him always around... Continue Reading →

She’s adorable…

She’s like, a beautifully crafted piece of literature; She’s like, an impeccably brushed canvas of miniature; Like a mural’s splendor, she’s my soul’s plural, yet singular we stand ajar, bound in the music of sentimental silence; The bosom’s lip sync, like the perfection of Mozart, like the harmony of Beethoven;   Her eyes rain love... Continue Reading →

You dwell so far…

Very far from this world of rational, far from this world of hippocracy; Very far from the shades of grey, untouched by ubiquitous filth of sly, Unknown of the struggle of subsistence, Oh dear you dwell so far…   From me o lord, you dwell so far, unknown of my pangs, which in nights explodes... Continue Reading →

Had the rain…

By:Prashant Dated: Friday, July 08, 2016 Timed: 04:54 PM Had the rain not reined, Had the clouds not shattered , Had the dream not broken, You would have been with me, Be it only dreams;   Had the rain not reined , My soul would have drenched itself, In the rain of your soulful laughter;... Continue Reading →

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