I might survive this pang, I might survive the next pang, might survive  yet another fit…

But how many times do I survive, till I survive?


She’s adorable…

She’s like, a beautifully crafted piece of literature;

She’s like, an impeccably brushed canvas of miniature;

Like a mural’s splendor, she’s my soul’s plural, yet singular we stand ajar, bound in the music of sentimental silence;

The bosom’s lip sync, like the perfection of Mozart, like the harmony of Beethoven;


Her eyes rain love and faith,

I akin to a desperate prostitute, shameless not heartless,

Look up at her, to not lose a moment of falling for her,

Every time she blinks…


O love,

Let the newborn in me, grow in your cuddle;

The infant love cheer thru the verses;

Let the rhyming current of our sprouting purity end up in the ocean of love.



You dwell so far…


Very far from this world of rational,

far from this world of hippocracy;

Very far from the shades of grey, untouched by ubiquitous filth of sly,

Unknown of the struggle of subsistence,

Oh dear you dwell so far…


From me o lord,

you dwell so far, unknown of my pangs,

which in nights explodes in bangs, silent but hard;

night knocks my shadow and carries my shadow beneath the sky,

droplets of cold touch rain in your territory of reign,

the light may not be bright as my shadow feels light,

but I lift my horizons to glance at you.


Possessive for you, but light is all I get,

In desire of my sole claim on your name…

I bathe in  your lights thru pangs and frights,

But one nights takes you away from me,

Another gifts me crescent face , a renewed energy in me swerves,

And veils the grief in my nerves.



Dated: Saturday, August 13, 2016

Timed: 4:24 PM

It Was Momentary



Dated: Friday, April 8, 2016

Timed: 12:24 AM

It was momentary,

Her glimpse,

Her smile,

Her curled eyes,

Brows to be precise,

Tough was its fight,

Fight to resist;


It was momentary,

Her eyes had a shine,

And strong was its wine,

As the heart was mine,

So adorable was the crime,

In no hurry to run this time,

Stood and lingered there for a while,

Looking at the beauty one last time,

Before I left,

The momentary moment;


Absolutely momentary,

As I told,

My heart sold,

At the nerves so cold;

There she was,

As usual,

Absolutely impeccable,

Infant akin irresistible,

Cutely adorable,

Rose like delectable,

Heavenly palatable,

And my heart…sheh….uncontrollable,

Goosebumps pleasurable;


I stood stupefied,

My body had a sway,

As she looked away,

As if letting me steal,

A momentary moment,

To quench a beauty thirsty living,

A chance of looking,

Looking at the beauty,

As if it was my duty,

Which I performed duly;


I felt pulled,

By temptation,

To hug and tell her,

I so much madly love her,

Though known was the fact to her;


I felt pulled,

At the same time,

By the friend of mine,

Villain’s arrival time,

Shit, a spilled wine;


I was pulled,

By the latter,

Former was apparently awkward,

I stepped backward,

My heart lingered;


She knew she was my world,

And I didn’t say her a word,

Not even bye,

And was pulled by and by,

All I said her was a hi!


I did not want to lose sight,

For that I had to fight,

My friend was not right;


I wanted to see her more,

I wanted to be with her more,

But she was momentary,

And a moment wasn’t enough,

An hour wasn’t enough,

A life wasn’t enough,

For my contentment;


I had to leave,

My friend had to leave,

We had to leave,

We left,

Momentary fits went and came,

Parting goosebumps came,

Mist in my eyes went unnoticed,

Coz away was her notice;


I left,

Looked back every moment,

It was all momentary,

Momentary was her sight,

But life lasting would be in me her bright light!

Had the rain…


Dated: Friday, July 08, 2016

Timed: 04:54 PM


Had the rain not reined,

Had the clouds not shattered ,

Had the dream not broken,

You would have been with me,

Be it only dreams;


Had the rain not reined ,

My soul would have drenched itself,

In the rain of your soulful laughter;


Had the rain not reined ,

I would have splattered ,

On my face,

Your dampened breaths,


Had the rain not reined ,

Had I been an inch closer,

My lips would have felt yours,

And you won’t run away for sure ,

Only if I was closer;


Had the rain not reined ,

I would have saw you dancing forever,

Had the rain not reined ,

You would have called my name forever;


Had the rain not reined ,

I would have never left you,

And kept your waist held forever,

Had the rain not reined ,

I would have drowned ,

In infinite depth of innocence of your adorable eyes,


I was ready to be slapped forever,

By your drenched hair,

Only if the rain had not reined;


Had the rain not rained ,

I would have thought of you anguishly,

But this was different ,

Cheers instead of tears you gave;


Had the rain not rained,

I would not have dreamt about you,

So happily in the rain,

I would have been lying in the nook,

Crying over on my pillow;


Had the rain not rained,

The infinite agony couldn’t have taken ,

A momentary halt;


Had the rain not rained ,

The heat and humidity of your brutal parting,

Would have burnt me into ashes;


T’was good it rained,

Coz had the rain not rained ,

I couldn’t have dreamt the drench,

I could not have bathed cool jinx,

On my agony blisters,

I could not have held your hand ,

Beneath the sky, be it only day dream;


It’ll soothe me again ,

till the pang hits me in your name,


but till then let the hand be held ,

let the smile glisten,

till it rains,

I just wish it rains, rains,

Rains her smile…forever!