But I die…

I stay in your heart akin to a fish in water. You, unaware of my presence…but I die, if separated.


I might survive this pang, I might survive the next pang, might survive  yet another fit…

But how many times do I survive, till I survive?

You are my art.

-Prashant Mishra 

You are god’s answer to my prayers!

-Prashant Mishra  

Shards of Heart

 You broke my beating chamber, my heart shattered now, its shards point to you, crave for you and rip my chest open to haunt the  going places, all for you.

But you, heartless, look at me with a wicked smile, as if saying ” a few steps more and I’m  all yours.”

I smile, and like a crazy lover, I step ahead..

You are my undestined shore!


Possessed with heavenly curses, my love to stay in verses;

The voyage of love, thru the ocean of craving;

Oh beloved it’s stinging in the bosom, but beautiful is the pain;

Mah life without which is vain…


Like a mazed butterfly,

I wander in search of my delectable petal, in the desert of pain thru storms of pangs;

Only to find my feet landing on thorns, and my wings ripped in cacti bushes of your flinch;

Ah lord…to die in the thorns is all I’m destined but sweet is the sting and immortal will be my love,

lost in the bushes of my love…


Akin to a dream…

You walks into me at the nightfall, and parts as the night falls;

Wanders in me thru the night whispering lullaby of love and blessing me a sleep;

The abhorable morning takes you away,

Preferable is a morningless death, which never opens my lids;

And lets me sink in infinite time of love…


Like a drowning sailor beforea shore,

I look at you knowing that I deserve life,

but I drown realizing that being worthy isn’t a translation of being destined,

You were never a part of my life, but thru the life you were always a part of my soul…

Till the wrecking of my age I’ll keep sailing in search of an undestined shore…you!



Dated: Thursday, October 20, 2016

Timed: 11:42 AM