The Wings of Heaven… 

Long time back, I was wandering in the gardens of heaven. I was flying, dancing ecstatically into the eternity of happiness. But with time it clichéd and became monotonous. I went to the lord and asked him to spice up my stale life. He, with a smile, pulled out his sword and chopping my wings... Continue Reading →


The meshed leaf

The one who created it, shall be the one annhilating; he is the delusion of all illusions... 

Blessed is the…

A compartmented repost from my post " The Divinity of Love" posted on 17th of august in 2016... "Today I went thru two such moments. No matter I see something like that everyday but noticing was what I did today. A cute little girl with her father! It soothes me a lot. Try it someday... Continue Reading →

The Divinity Of Love

By:Prashant Dated: Sunday,July 31, 2016 Timed: 8:40 AM In our lives we often encounter some of the moments which bring cataclysmic change in the way we observe, or rather perceive things, leave alone the fact of these changes being momentary or lingering. These moments are not very unusual ones rather we go thru these daily,... Continue Reading →

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