But I die…

I stay in your heart akin to a fish in water. You, unaware of my presence…but I die, if separated.


The Irony of Death

After a whole life, after the river of glooms, he lay enlightened,  beneath the tree; the worth of childhood smile, at the end, was realised, and he lay down there in dirt, wearing the enlightenment, kissing the earth.

Unknown  to his enlightenment, his family cried. He lay still, bearing the child’s smile, too lazy to leave his eternal nap of peace.

Birds and  squirrels, his friends from childhood, peered from the boughs above, singing a merry song harmonious to the soul’s  content he held within.

Born naked, dirt played, animals befriended; it took him a lifetime to realise that the dirt he now lay on was an eternal truth; the clothes of hippocracy and rationale, he had stripped; and the lost “socially ridiculed” friendship he had accepted again. Lying in dirt with his childhood embraced.

He fell in love, for the first time, with himself.

She’s Me!

The Demise of Love


Dated: Saturday, August 13, 2016

Timed: 11:53 PM


There have been days,

When you in many ways,

Recognized my breathes;

There have been days,

When you broke your sleep,

Under the drizzle of my tears,

When your phone beeped,

And you had a secret to keep,

My pangs to sweep,

And for me held a blessing of sleep;



There have been days,

When nights pinched me hard,

When pangs came toward,

When breathes became nominal

When tormenting went on pinnacles

I smiled through the pain

Coz it was you who I gained!


I wasn’t pugnacious the day you left,

Nor was I mad,

Only that you had to leave, you left.

Did you notice the eyes glistening

when I was silently listening?

It was your back which peered

the transition of my puckered mouth

to cry, to tears.


I wish you turned,

I wish you saw,

For I was sure you won’t part if you saw me.

If you looked through the glisten of my eyes that I was sorry,

I know love, you won’t leave.


There have been days

When I saw you smiling,

Heard you cryin.

There have been days,

When I doted on the vivacious you,

When I loved yo love you.

Thru those days even the worst nightares

didn’t give me a hint of this gory today.


Never dreamt of seeing you draped in white,

Never had I imagined, my life’s protagnist maimed.

The gory of the sight, turns on the nerves in fright and lets me feel no light.


The face that once looked me in love, is as silent today as a dove.

The fingers that tended me, today in its own blood , blended and slushed.

She won’t feel my breaths,she won’t cry anymore,

she won’t laugh, she won’t fight me anymore,

she won’t forgive me ever, she won’t love me forever.


Ah! She’s gone, she’s gone!

I wish I loved her more than God,

I wish I could seize the current of time,

I wish I could bring her back and let her be mine,

I wish I was mightier than the creator,

God! In my soul she left such a crater.


I feel my life being shut in the box, and in grave being tossed;

Heavy is the earth of repentence on me,

Worms of pangs crawl thru my nerves,

Giving my beatless heart a swerve.

The burymen heap me with repentence.

Oh stop for heaven’s sake! It pains!

Oh it’s painful, don’t bury me.

See I’m before you, I’m alive!

Ah, she’s me and I am alive,

I’m alive but the pain costs me more than death,

Oh men! Don’t bury me coz,

She’s me. God She’s me!