You are my undestined shore!

Possessed with heavenly curses, my love to stay in verses; The voyage of love, thru the ocean of craving; Oh beloved it’s stinging in the bosom, but beautiful is the pain; Mah life without which is vain…   Like a mazed butterfly, I wander in search of my delectable petal, in the desert of pain... Continue Reading →


O Beloved…

O beloved… Let me freeze the time, When pangs move for you,   O beloved… Let me chase the night away, When the dark frights you;   O beloved… Let me crush away all the time, That intends tears in your eyes;   Let me seize the thundering of clouds, and hold down arc of... Continue Reading →

You dwell so far…

Very far from this world of rational, far from this world of hippocracy; Very far from the shades of grey, untouched by ubiquitous filth of sly, Unknown of the struggle of subsistence, Oh dear you dwell so far…   From me o lord, you dwell so far, unknown of my pangs, which in nights explodes... Continue Reading →

Her Name’s Mirage

  By:Prashant Dated: Friday, August 05, 2016 Timed: 10:41 PM Far far from her, I dote her, I adore her, I admire her; Irresistibly I look at her, Mirage is her name.   Far far from her, I madly love her, I worship her, I long for her; But away she goes as I reach... Continue Reading →

Had the rain…

By:Prashant Dated: Friday, July 08, 2016 Timed: 04:54 PM Had the rain not reined, Had the clouds not shattered , Had the dream not broken, You would have been with me, Be it only dreams;   Had the rain not reined , My soul would have drenched itself, In the rain of your soulful laughter;... Continue Reading →

What Face Of Love Is It???

“Six years Nish!” Aditi said. “Yeah and you still the same!” I said. “I wish I could do something for you.” She said sadly. “You can…just give me a chance.” I sounded desperate. “You are cute.” “It was never suffice for you.” “We are great friends Nish. Isn’t that enough.” “Never! I cannot explain you... Continue Reading →

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