In the cold room

Dear Prashant<>, I’m writing to you again. It may be a bit impulsive to mail you but if you are reading this… The floor, yes! I’m sitting on the floor. The room is cold. The lights are switched off. The speakers are singing beautiful melancholic lyrics interweaved with the sound of a sad mouthorgan. It’s... Continue Reading →


I was Flying

Aren’t bridges wings? Why has man thrown logs over streaming brooks? Why has he erected columns to pave way for humanity? Yes, they are bridges, they are wings! You fly over the land, only that you have your feet on the concrete. You feel the smell of air of the heights. You are born to... Continue Reading →


I might survive this pang, I might survive the next pang, might survive  yet another fit... But how many times do I survive, till I survive?

The wind flinched ….

He was an image of the wind; sweat drops on my skin, he cooled me in a swing; a secret admirer, was he akin; danced on my lids, in blinks; He flinched, one day, away caressing  till the last of my  hair;  so long, he is gone, still, like wind I feel him always around... Continue Reading →

The Lovely Summer-girl 

Beneath the night sky, with summer heat high; lay two souls, bound in a roll; In the tide of stars and blooming crescent, they lay embraced arm in arm; the cool breeze and her velvet hair danced over his face ,  her lips chirped stories of her age , which he did not listen but... Continue Reading →

The Irony of Death

After a whole life, after the river of glooms, he lay enlightened,  beneath the tree; the worth of childhood smile, at the end, was realised, and he lay down there in dirt, wearing the enlightenment, kissing the earth. Unknown  to his enlightenment, his family cried. He lay still, bearing the child's smile, too lazy to... Continue Reading →

She’s adorable…

She’s like, a beautifully crafted piece of literature; She’s like, an impeccably brushed canvas of miniature; Like a mural’s splendor, she’s my soul’s plural, yet singular we stand ajar, bound in the music of sentimental silence; The bosom’s lip sync, like the perfection of Mozart, like the harmony of Beethoven;   Her eyes rain love... Continue Reading →

You are my undestined shore!

Possessed with heavenly curses, my love to stay in verses; The voyage of love, thru the ocean of craving; Oh beloved it’s stinging in the bosom, but beautiful is the pain; Mah life without which is vain…   Like a mazed butterfly, I wander in search of my delectable petal, in the desert of pain... Continue Reading →

You dwell so far…

Very far from this world of rational, far from this world of hippocracy; Very far from the shades of grey, untouched by ubiquitous filth of sly, Unknown of the struggle of subsistence, Oh dear you dwell so far…   From me o lord, you dwell so far, unknown of my pangs, which in nights explodes... Continue Reading →

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