You are my undestined shore!


Possessed with heavenly curses, my love to stay in verses;

The voyage of love, thru the ocean of craving;

Oh beloved it’s stinging in the bosom, but beautiful is the pain;

Mah life without which is vain…


Like a mazed butterfly,

I wander in search of my delectable petal, in the desert of pain thru storms of pangs;

Only to find my feet landing on thorns, and my wings ripped in cacti bushes of your flinch;

Ah lord…to die in the thorns is all I’m destined but sweet is the sting and immortal will be my love,

lost in the bushes of my love…


Akin to a dream…

You walks into me at the nightfall, and parts as the night falls;

Wanders in me thru the night whispering lullaby of love and blessing me a sleep;

The abhorable morning takes you away,

Preferable is a morningless death, which never opens my lids;

And lets me sink in infinite time of love…


Like a drowning sailor beforea shore,

I look at you knowing that I deserve life,

but I drown realizing that being worthy isn’t a translation of being destined,

You were never a part of my life, but thru the life you were always a part of my soul…

Till the wrecking of my age I’ll keep sailing in search of an undestined shore…you!



Dated: Thursday, October 20, 2016

Timed: 11:42 AM


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  1. Hi. Hello. I really like the way you write, it’s so sincere and confident. I just started my new Blog Page and I really like to learn from a lot of people, and I hope that it’s okay if I follow your writings, and maybe you can follow me back, then maybe we can talk about our writings together. I hope that we can be friends. Thanks!

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