O Beloved…

O beloved…

Let me freeze the time,

When pangs move for you,


O beloved…

Let me chase the night away,

When the dark frights you;


O beloved…

Let me crush away all the time,

That intends tears in your eyes;


Let me seize the thundering of clouds, and hold down arc of lights,

And never let inch in an inch of fright, to let you feel alright;


Let me be mighty enough to keep on the wind, to watch strands dancing on your face till the end;

Let e break the rise of sun, then thru nights we together have fun;

Let me be  the cloud hovering over you in the sun;


Let me fall in every puddle, to bring you a smile and myself a cuddle;

Oh sweetheart let me be your beloved, and stand between doom and you rightfully;

O beloved let me die before you and wait endlessly to see you in heaven.


Dated: Monday, August 22, 2016

Timed: 8:45 AM


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